Looking for a career in hospitality?

We are a small, but rapidly growing business encompassing 3 restaurants and a soon-to-be completed boutique hotel.

Phone: (028) 35 194 332

Email: td@anvuongltd.com.vn

We are looking to recruit for the following positions:

  1. Waiters and Waitresses
  2. Bar staff
  3. Front-of-house Supervisors
  4. Front-of-house Managers
  5. Front-of-house Trainer (suited to foreign - non Vietnamese - applicants too)
  6. Chefs
  7. Kitchen supervisors

We offer:

  • Competitive salaries and benefits packages
  • In-house training from both foreign and Vietnamese leadership
  • Free English language improvement classes
  • Employment contracts with full benefits
  • Flexible working hours to accommodate individual employee needs
  • A career path via promotion opportunities within our expanding company

We're looking for candidates that:

  • Have at least a years' experience in hospitality
  • Are confident, hard working, honest, and have a warm and happy personality
  • Speak reasonably good English
  • Are capable of long hours and prepared for hard work
  • Enjoy the reward of team-work
  • Are able to take criticism (= open to learning and improvement!)
  • Are within reasonable travel distance of District 2, HCMC where all our outlets are located

If this interests you, then please just send us a quick note by filling in the form below.

If you don't have time now, save this page for later, or find it again at: www.anvuongltd.com.vn

Thanks, and we hope to hear from you!